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There’s no better time for rainbow unicorns, slime and potty humor

That’s what Poopsie is all about!
Poopsie combines the experience of collecting unboxed surprises with pop culture and parody.
Its world is 100% magic; full of glitter, iridescence, fantastical donuts, cupcakes and snacks.
Dancing through this world you’ll find the magical unicorns Rainbow Brightstar, Whoopsie Doodle, Oopsie Starlight and Dazzle Darling.

On the other side of the Poopsie universe you’ll find the Junk Foodie Doodies, Turdz of Paradise and Disco Doo-Doo’s.
These stinkin’ cute parody characters are lively and on trend and is a fun transition to an older target group.

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Have a good slime!