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Dreaming is Always in Fashion!

Rainbow High is a vibrant and fashionable doll line that celebrates creativity, individuality, and the power of friendship. With its stylish dolls, trendy outfits, and exciting storylines, Rainbow High offers a world of fashion and imagination for doll enthusiasts of all ages.

Rainbow High is a popular doll brand that revolves around a group of talented and diverse high school students who share a passion for fashion and art. Each doll represents a unique personality, style, and artistic talent, making them relatable and inspiring role models for young fashion enthusiasts.

At Rainbow High, you’ll meet a colorful cast of characters, each with their own distinct style and artistic flair. From fashion designers to makeup artists, these students showcase their creativity and talents in various disciplines. Whether it’s fashion-forward Ruby Anderson, artsy Violet Willow, or tech-savvy Poppy Rowan, there’s a doll for every aspiring artist or fashionista to connect with.

Step into the world of Rainbow High!
Rainbow High offers a captivating world of fashion, friendship, and creativity. With its stylish dolls, trendy outfits, and imaginative storytelling, it invites children and collectors to embrace their unique style and unleash their artistic talents. Join the Rainbow High students on their creative adventures, and let your imagination shine!

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