“You have a way of brightening my day!”

Meet Hello Kitty, the girl who loves to bake, play the piano, and make new friends.
She encourages children to take part in all kinds of activities and find out what they enjoy!

Full of imagination and creativity, Hello Kitty can be a scientist and a ballerina, a rockstar and a chef.
She can be anything, and so can you!

Hello Kitty is such a versatile brand, so Speelgoedland decided to create two different assortments;
one for girls from 3 to 7 years and one for girls from 8 to 12 years.
The line for younger girls consists of the typical Hello Kitty-style; lots of colours and playful designs, from stationery to accessoires.
For the older group we’ve created a bit more edgy and ‘grown-up’ assortment, with lots of gold and holographic accents added to the designs.

Get in touch with our Salesteam for more information and access to the online catalog!