Always Extra!

They’re here, the bigger sisters to the L.O.L. Surprise dolls!
O.M.G. (Outrageous Millenial Girls) are designed to thrill. The core of this brand is about
being fierce, fabulous and of course unstoppable glam. The world of O.M.G. is run by all kinds of trendsetters;
Royal Bee, Neonlicious, Swag and Lady Diva are a few examples. The girls motto is to slay all day and march to the beat of their own D.J.
They’re all about style, fashion and accessories that are a little outrageous, because they’re here to surprise the world!

O.M.G. covers the target group for girls from 6 – 13 years old. We’ve developed an
activity collection to stimulate creativity, like our Dress Up Studio.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Salesteam for more information and possibilities!