The Snack Pack is back!

In the newest movie the Trolls discover new worlds and embark on a journey to save music!

Long ago, there was harmony in the Trolls Universe, and every Troll in the land worshipped a magical instrument with six
powerful strings. Until one day, fearing that the all-powerful instrument would fall into the wrong hands, the Trolls Elders divided each of the
strings amongst six different tribes of Trolls:
the Funk Trolls, the Country Western Trolls, the Techno Trolls, the Classical Trolls, the Pop Trolls and the Rocker Trolls.

However – when a group of Rocker Trolls begins attacking the various Trolls Tribes and taking back all of the strings,
Queen Poppy and Branch must lead their friends on a journey through various Trolls Kingdoms to unite
each of the far-flung tribes, and make the world safe for all kinds of music.

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Life is better with music!